Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drumming for Me

You know, many people have always liked rock bands for the bass player, or lead guitarists. I always liked the drummer, and soon after watching a music video one day sitting behind my kit, i decided to pursue my dream of playing drums like a real pro. I'm sure everyone who visits has felt this way about an instrument, but more importantly, I want to discuss Drum Sets. Everyone who has ever played a kit knows that if the bass drum doesn't sound right, and the hi-hats aren't crisp and clean, and if the snare is too wet or dry, depending on what's being played, the sound will be messed up. I have a pearl Export Select Series kit (Christmas/Birthday gift lol) that i have made to sound good whether jazz, rock, or hip-hop music is being played. But for those of you who have a lower Pearl-grade set or a Yamaha set know that this can be a quite difficult task to accomplish. Depending on the wood, many find they have to actually warm the shells up for the sound they tuned for, and that it's not easy to do if you don't by the right heads for the drums also. Personally, i have had the same bass heads since i've had the set, going on 5 years now as i remeber it. I have changed the heads on the toms, at least the tops, since i've had it, but only once, since i haven't seen much transport action with the set, being that it's my only one and all. I have played it every day lateley, but from a dry spell early on, and some of you all might have experienced this, i had to re-tune some heads because of how the shells became warm and cold. On another spectrum, I'd love to mention cymnals. As i said before about high-hats, i personaly like crisp, medium-high pitched hats, although the Sabian B8's I have are pretty low pitched for my taste, but lol they will have to do i guess. I like Sabian or Zildjian, seeind as how they're pretty much the same, but have come to appreciate Paiste's for certain loud rock applications, but only a certain type of Paiste, which escapes me. I do find K-custom dry's exceptional for jazz standards, although I don't own one, but have played with them, mind you!!I would like to maybe one day have a ride with bolts on it, but that will have to wait sadly, although i do enjoy them when I have the opertunity to play them. I think more important than a good ride is a good crash, and to me THEY HAVE TO BE SPERATE CYMBALS! I absoulutely cannot stand a crash/ride cybal. I mean, it shows low integrity in who ever made them, which depending on the kit, was probably the same people who made the drums themselves. I do however think that if it's all ya got, it will certainly get the job done. The last part of the kit, which I must say I adore, is the snare drum. I was lucky enough to have aquired, through my brother winning a raffle no less, a DW Copper shell, hand crafted snare drum with an autographed head by Chad Wackerman. My brotherDerrick won it at a clinic Mr. Wackerman did at the Music loft in '04 in Durham. And yes, I was there, too. I tell you, if it weren't for that snare, my view of drumming would be different, inspiration would be different, overall sound of my kit would be different. All the elements i have talked about here is just my take on what drum kits mean to me really. My other drumming aspects are and/or will be here soon.

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