Friday, January 23, 2009


If anyone is interested i offer lessons for the set. I have been searching for interested drummers for a while now, but haven't come across anyone yet. I can provide lessons to ANYONE no matter the circumstances. You folks will need a drum pad and sticks, preferably marching sticks of some sort. Other than that, lessons can start right away, and after one to two lessons to get the NOVICE players ready for set, I have no problem with anyone using my drum set for practice. But, ya'll might want to consider purchasing a set soon so that you can practice at home, instead of jus on the pad. But please, don't let that stop you! drumming is about a lot more than who has the nicest drum set. Don't be afraid to go get the 400 dollar set to start. Or, if you're a more serious inquirer, look for what you like or what suits you. A drum set is like a car; either it can et you from A-B, it can be you're dream come true, or most of all, it can be BOTH! There's a lot of options, so choose a set that says "I'm a drummer, and this is my set."

I can do 30-min. or an hour lesson. 30 min. lessons are 20 dollars, and hour lessons are 35 dollars. Don't think the price sounds like the lessons are a fluke. Times are are hard, and i don't want to take advantage of ANYONE here. But, I would love to have the oppertunity to spread the gift of music to anyone who's looking to gain.

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