Monday, February 9, 2009


Hey guys.I have a band that needs a name. I was wondering if anybody could help me with a band name for a fusion jazz group. We are playing stuff like "In a Sentimental Mood" and "All Blues" and "Footprints". I have four members including me and was thinking of making the name correspond with the number four, and for the talent show, the band I played with was called Four Corners, but that was because we had four different nationalities. Not the case here. Plus, I would like it to be original, not a copy of another project's name. I would hope I could figure it out, seeing as how I wanted to create this band, but I'm kind of drawing blanks, so... Any help is good help. Also, anyone who reads this, please spread the word about us. We're not really out to make money, but we do want to platy some shows before the senior high-school player in our band is going to college. I would love for you guys to also spread the word about my lessons, because as hard as I'm trying to do it myself, the word just is not getting out there quick enough sadly. But again guys, thanks for you're help! Peace...


  1. Just wanted to say I love you Bro! I know that is not what you asked for here but thought you might need to hear it! Love you!

  2. how about fazzion(fashion) fusion of jazz but u are all individuals with ur own style or fashion if you will.